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Welcome to the Undying Chronicles! If you enjoy our site, please feel free to register and join the epic experience :-)
Admin: Chapter 2 is currently under construction. Thanks for being patient with us. Oct 10, 2015 22:18:57 GMT -6
Admin: The board has just received a visual upgrade. What do you think? :-) Oct 5, 2015 1:25:38 GMT -6
Admin: Dreamscape has just been updated. Check it out, everyone. It's really good this time around. Hopefully, we can build off of his new angle and create an even better story than ever before :-). May 29, 2015 22:41:28 GMT -6
AndrogynousRain: ~"You Can Find Me, With-In The Storm!"~ May 21, 2015 0:57:02 GMT -6
soldierboy81: My apologies for the absence, everyone. Business hours have been pretty hectic thus far. Hope everyone is well :-) Mar 10, 2015 21:56:21 GMT -6
Admin: C: Files entry "C: Throne of Tears, Part 1" is complete. A big congratulations to soldierboy81 for yet another sensational masterpiece <3. Feb 21, 2015 0:21:45 GMT -6
ThickMamiSoFly4U: Hallo everyone, good morning on this beautiful day, yes! <3 Feb 5, 2015 12:43:05 GMT -6
soldierboy81: Okay, just updated C: Files :-). Hope everyone enjoys it <3 Jan 26, 2015 23:42:45 GMT -6
Admin: I just updated your threat, Mrs. GrrTasticDiva1982. Great job so far, and a bit cheering-on to SoldierBoy81. Don't let the story end there, man---it's getting really good so far :-) Jan 20, 2015 18:14:25 GMT -6
msgrrtasticdiva1982: Hello there, everyone. I just posted my first side-story. Hope everyone enjoys it :-) Jan 20, 2015 17:50:27 GMT -6
soldierboy81: Hello, everyone. I will be completing C: Dolls in the Attic very soon. I hope everyone likes it; I worked really hard on this one :-) Jan 17, 2015 23:01:24 GMT -6
Admin: Thanks for visiting the board, everyone :-) <3 Jan 13, 2015 17:44:06 GMT -6
Admin: And voila! The Arcane Souls board has been created. So, whenever you're ready, start posting Mrs. GrrTasticDiva1980 :-) Dec 29, 2014 1:52:28 GMT -6
Admin: Oh, before I forget, our beloved Mrs.GrrTasticDiva has begun creating an incredible story, and I will commence board construction ASAP. Be on the lookout for any future changes. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Dec 27, 2014 17:05:28 GMT -6
Admin: Sorry for the long absence, everyone. We're back in business. Dec 27, 2014 17:04:05 GMT -6
Admin: Update: Bonds 4 has been posted *fanfare time*!!! Construction of TUC has seen an all-time high: two chapters in two days! We hope you're enjoying the story thus far, as we are presently working more more character development. Sept 15, 2014 22:06:06 GMT -6
Admin: A huge welcome to our guests. Thanks for stopping by <3 Sept 12, 2014 11:44:06 GMT -6
Admin: ---*drum roll*--We take requests :-). That's right. Anything you want, we will provide. As long as it follows the community guidelines. Once again, thank you for visiting <3 ~ Admin ~ Sept 10, 2014 19:27:57 GMT -6
Admin: A huge "thanks for visiting" to our 73 viewers in the past 24 hours <3. As you can see, we are constantly updating to make this an unforgettable viewing pleasure for everyone. If you want, please, feel free to register. It's free of charge and--- Sept 10, 2014 19:27:08 GMT -6
Admin: Update: The Undying Chronicles has been officially entitled, "Monde Surréaliste de Morts-vivants: The Undying Chronicles," given the latest trend. "Monde Surréaliste de Morts-vivants" is translated from French as: "Surreal World of the Undead". Sept 10, 2014 3:49:48 GMT -6
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